Sunday, February 07, 2010

Azure Week

In line of the Bigkis Week 2010, we proudly launch

And of course, the BIGKIS-UPM campaign theme.

Watch out for more. :)

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Year That Was

You know,they always refer the outgoing year as such,so much it is a cliché. Anyway,2009, I would probably say,has been a fruitful one for me. Not a banner year perhaps,but a year when I finally got back on the tracks. I really was busy,so much that I barely had time to sleep. Ah! Sleep! I really hoped I had more of such these days.

Also,I met someone. Quite some value I must say. But in the deep recesses of our beings,there lies some truth on what we had and what we're currently having. And sadly, although I had hoped that it be a happy ending, the tragedy of it all would still remain as is.

2008. Almost but not quite. 2009? Almost,and hanging by the thread. I hope 2010 would be different. What to do? Perhaps the reason why the clearest part of the sky is the farthest would be so that we always try to reach for it. Haha. Gaad. I never did change.

And yes,nakikipagaway na pala ko. Although always choosing the higher path. :)

Happy 2010!

Friday, August 28, 2009



At about a quarter past 8am, I was nearing Padre Faura, apparently late for my meet. The bus which bragged of its supposed airconditioned mech, failed to deliver the service. It was too humid and hot inside, that it was sweltering. I stood in preparation of my going off the bus, when suddenly, behind me, was this massive woman, who was amazingly irksome. And so.

Woman: Excuse me.

Me: *walked further towards the bus door*

Woman: Excuse.

Me: *to myself* hindi ata niya nagets na bababa din ako. Tanga lang.

Woman: *louder* excuse?

Me: Miss, pare-pareho lang tayo bababa, wag kang excited, ok?

....And so, my beautiful day started. Blame it to that pending heat wave.


Monday, February 09, 2009

Tick-tock Tick-tock.

I feel this love month would make a bit of a difference unlike the past few years'. Oh well. Ganun ata talaga, pag hindi mo hinahanap, may nangyayari. :-P

Seriously, I never had my own share of euphoria during the Valentines' season. Minalas lang ng mga pinipili.

Anyway, we'll see. Yay!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm Trying to Create a Senseful Entry

After sipping bottles and bottles of heavy beer, after recovering from a sickness, I knew I was goddamn alright. Hindi na din kasi nakatanggi. :) But I don't mind. My folks weren't worried much, so why would I?

Although the night ended nice, it was miles from what I was expecting. The night was young. Or is young, and I've no plans of going home the earliest possible. Kaya lang, people have been cruel not to be considerate, so I had no choice.

Digression. I had this instant realization of a certain desire. Apparently, I've been seeing faces and faces, and it's kind of alarming. You could say hallucinations. Must have been the drug. Or not.

Well anyway, I've yet to see the result. Sana lang talaga.

...And I made sure, hindi ito masyadong maiintindihan. :-P which proves na hindi pa talaga ako drunk.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Kind of a Saturday Eve

Sunday, 7am: We actually went home.
Sunday, 3:30am: Headed off to Franz's house. And then dozed off after a short chat.
Sunday, 2am-3:30am: Nearby local bar. Now with Jena. Had food and beverages. (The life!)
Sunday, 10:45pm to 1:35am : A curious date with Benjamin Button. :)
Saturday, 9:45pm. Met up with Nano and Franz.
Beautiful. Beautiful Movie. Just Beautiful. What better way to start the year.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

When Death becomes a Resolution

"Enjoy Life. There's plenty of time to be dead. "

Enthused by my cutesy friend Danica. Apparently, it kind of seemed like a running joke then. Well, sabagay, in the land of the living, it's easy to die, to kill, or take away life. On the other hand, mahirap bumuhay ng patay na. To un-die someone, if there's such a phrase. To die, just so simply means, coming to a complete halt.

We cry when people dear to us leave us for some place else. Going out of the country, or relocating someplace else, it doesn't matter. For the many of us, physical contact is just as important. Tangibility. And again, just like the aforementioned, when this comes to a sudden stop, we are stunned. Actually, what dawns first is the sudden stop. And then, we don't know what to do next, how to act, how to respond, because it is our first instinct is to adapt, first at hand.

That is just temporary leaving. Places. Earth-bounded. And then comes, the permanence.

And we call it Death.

With the recent string of events, a neighbor on the verge of dying due to a terminal illness, an old teacher suffering from ESRD (End-stage renal disease), and the heart shattering demise of some of my friends' pals, I couldn't let these things pass by without me mulling over the subject. Actually, it really is difficult, even for me who's not directly hit by the grief. And to this note, how much more to the closely related?

Death may sound bad. Even fearsome. I am scared as well. Scared as hell. I don't know to where I am bound to just in case. And I know, this sentiment is shared by the majority. Una-unahan lang talaga, in the race, where no one wants to take the lead. And then the others go , prepared, while some, are gotten, at the snap of the finger.

I am not promulgating anything for my recent post. I just felt it rightful that I give my share, and to pour my musings. This may sound mawkish, but this is another current reality we have to face. Because it happens. At any given time.

I dedicate this post to EJ, and to the friend of Soulmate Karen. I don't know if I have the right, but since you've made them happy during your lifetime, then, I owe you a part of their goodness. You may not know me, might not ever heard of me, but since you make an impact to them, I could almost feel the waves you've made.

See you at the afterlife! And just so you know, you are loved. :)

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